The neuroscience of equity

and deeper learning

Nigel Nisbet, 

VP of Content Creation at MIND Research Institute


What if mathematics could be taught the way the brain learns?

Why did someone invent the mall?

How do we teach?

How do we learn?

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Deep conceptual understanding

Deep conceptual understanding

Deep conceptual understanding

"Why can't we just teach math the way I learned it?"

The volume of work often necessitates computers who can perform the routine machine operations with great speed, but who need not have much logical insight into what the results should be...

Memo: "Computing Group Organizations and Practices at NACA" April 24th 1942

The old way of teaching math was to make you do it like a machine...

The new way is to understand it so you can build the machines!

How can student agency impact student equity?

JiJi helps me keep trying. When I make mistakes, I learn from it.

Dear JiJi—you’re the best. Your program is amazing.

Thank you for helping me in math. I really like math. It’s so fun.

ST Math promotes social-emotional skills, inspires curiosity,
and builds confidence... and now, there’s research to prove it!

ST Math's impact on student self-beliefs is strongest for those students who had lower mathematics achievement scores

Students who play ST Math have higher mathematics self-beliefs

Teomara Rutherford, Allison S. Liu, Arena S. Lam & Katerina Schenke (2020) Impact on mathematics self-beliefs from a mastery-based mathematics software, Journal of Research on Technology in Education

To ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems.


Ereka Union (Granite Bay) Community Presentation

By nigelnisbet

Ereka Union (Granite Bay) Community Presentation

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